Brevia Industries Co. LTD is a Korean company, leader in the production of automotive lamps.

For many years Brevia has been developing and improving automotive lighting system, offering the most advanced and high-tech products to automakers and aftermarket.

Company BREVIA produces all kinds of bulbs, from head light bulbs to interior and dashboard lighting which are suitable for all models of cars and motorcycles.

Brevia offers a wide range of bulbs for European, Asian, American and Russian vehicles.

Quality and innovation of Brevia are our main key to success.

Based on the latest technologies and innovations Brevia creates the most advanced lighting solutions.

Original quality of Brevia is based on high standards of production.

Our products are made of high quality materials and pass the most strict testing to ensure the maximum safety and driving comfort to our customers.

Our production has been thoroughly tested and meets the highest standards of ECE and ISO.

Modern and perfect Brevia technologies do not harm the environment.

We strive to minimize the adverse impact of our activities on the environment. We produce reliable, durable products that reduce the amount of waste according to EU directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Our lighting solutions cause the least harm to the environment, so we are ahead of limits requirements on the use of hazardous EU materials on mercury.

The corporate principle of Brevia quality standards includes requirements for finished products and components, as well as requirements to optimize the processes and organization of production.

Compliance with these principles is confirmed by certification of quality management system ISO 9001, our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.