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Brevia XENON - the perfect choice for all drivers who appreciate maximum visibility and safety. They produce more light than a standard bulb, and thus allow better illuminate the roadway. For drivers, this means more security, as it gives more time to react. Xenon light is not just the highest achievement of automotive experts, but also stylish lighting for drivers who want to allocate your car.

Arc technology provides more than twice as bright light as compared with the conventional technology of the filament and thus consumes less than three times the energy. Lack of xenon bulbs filaments , making them impervious to road vibration and shock . Good illumination of the road - one of the important factors comfortable and safe driving , whereby long night trips will be less tiring . With an average share of up to 3000 hours , these lamps are longer than halogen , which reduces maintenance and replacement costs.

OE quality.
30% higher luminance compared with conventional xenon lamps, and 130% as compared with halogen lamps.
Light cone at 20m long. as compared with conventional xenon lamps.
Maximum uniform, high light for safe driving is not tiring.
Fully certified.
Long service life.
Stylish and modern design.
Very bright light arc through the gas discharge control electronics.
Better illumination of the road reduces the risk of accidents.

Xenon headlight Brevia recommended to replace experts with appropriate qualifications.